, Everly After “March 2019” Review
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Everly After “March 2019” Review

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Everly After




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  • Quality Products
  • Unique Designs
  • Pretty Items
  • Book Explaining The Items

What is this subscription box all about?

Whether you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey, or a crystal lover, boho babe, gypsy soul, witchy woman, moon child, holistic healer and the list goes on – we have something for everyone!
Each month your box will help you take time out for yourself to slow down, unwind and reconnect with yourself while invigorating your mind, body and spirit…

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

What is the price?

$39.95 AUD Per Month

What was included

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

This is the whole box contents

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Lunar Calendar by Dreamy Moons

Keeping you update with all the moons movements

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Moon Face Soap by Cake Handmade Soap

Pretty and sweet smelling soap

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Crescent Moon Magnet by Get Fob’d

Keep your fridge covered in glittery goodness

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Lunar Latte by Nutra Organics

Soothe yourself to sleep with some Lunar Latte

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Moonstone Crystals

1 x Natural Moonstone Crystal
1 x Rainbow Moonstone Crystal

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Moonstone Candle by Everly After

Topped with moonstone pieces & glitter

, Everly After “March 2019” Review

Moonology Book by Yasmin Boland

Learn all you need to know about the moon and its powers!

Overall thoughts?

For some reason i though the “EVERLY AFTER” box was just another beauty and wellbeing box, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a new witchy / crystals box!

The box is beautifully curated with pretty and useful items for your modern moon lover. Gone are the days of the blue and yellow sun and moon doona cover we all used to own, this box shows off a new and sophisticated moon adoring collection. The soap was a personal favourite with a beautiful face carved on the front. The book will make for some “me” time reading and learning.

The box was delivered quickly and the packaging was safe and snug, using some recycled materials. Id gladly recommend this box to my crystal loving, moon howling friends. I know they would be more than impressed with the top selection “Everly After” has put together this month! I cant wait to see what the next months theme is!

Total retail value for this box is $71.44!! Which is high for an Australian box in this market, that is almost double what youll pay for it!


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