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The Witches Moon Review – July 2018

The Witches Moon


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What is this subscription box all about?

The Witches Moon is a Monthly Subscription Box & Online Store created for every practitioner. Ritual Tools & Supplies delivered to your doorstep! This Months theme is the July ‘Align & Activate’ Box

What is the price?

$78.00 USD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Intentional Mediation Necklace

Hold each bead on this necklace and focus on a singular intention. Its so pretty too, with high quality glass beads and tassel

Triquetra Charging Plate

A strong plate made to keep your necklace on, its also very decorative and could be placed on a mantle or wall

Grandmother of Pearl Cleansing Kit

Light the sage bundle and use the shell to waft the aroma around the room, cleansing negative energy

Awakening Har Spell Candle

A beautiful glittery candle, accompanied by a spell. It has clary sage and rose geranium essential oils so it smells amazing!

Third Eye Magikal Anointing Oil

Created with the intention of unlocking and intensifying your phychic energy, it can be used on skin, jewellery or candles. It smells divine

Inner Sense Sacred Salt

Add to your bath for a cleansing and mind clearing experience

The Clarity Stone & Personalised Oracle Reading

A quartz crystal that is the clearer or all chakras. It looks like a piece of art that also helps the soul.

Sacral Incense 

Okay this smells like a witches coven in a stick, strong and sweet it fills the house with Ylang Ylang goodness

Vivication White Tea with Muslin Bag

Vivication means to give life, and with this tea youll feel yourself come to life

Garden Ginger & Mountain Mint

Additions to your apothecary cabinet

Chakras Book of Shadows Artwork

Art showing info on chakras in a beautiful layout

Overall thoughts?

Wow i dont know what i expected from this box, but this wasnt it! I think i figured it would all be gimmicky items but this box is for the true witch!

With reading material to explain how to use each item, in a ritual or spell this makes the box as a whole really work! You get a couple of items to keep or wear/display and some to consume doing various incantations.

The items seem to be of really high quality with alot of thought and love put into the box. I really adored the necklace and the idea of putting a personal intention into each bead. It really lifts you up when you wear it.

The price is a bit steep for us international buyers, but if your really after some quailty, genuine witch items then you cant go past The Witches Moon

 To Get Involved Just sign up through this link

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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