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Carnivore Club Just Jerky Edition Box | Subscription Box Australia


$38 – Each box contains:
1 x each flavour 50g Just Jerky
1 x 100g Just Jerky (limited edition) Kangaroo Jerky
1 x 50g African Gold traditional biltong

Just Jerky is the complete high protein snack for to share with the family or add to any meal. Featuring the very best handpicked ingredients, rich in taste and boasting an irresistibly perfect texture.

Just Jerky Original: bursting with the bold flavours of allspice, garlic, soy and rice wine vinegar.

Just Jerky Chilli: fiery flavours of cayenne pepper and chilli flakes, just enough to keep your tastebuds dancing and wanting more!

Just Jerky Herbed: seasoned using the highest quality locally sourced honey, ground green herbs, and coated in a delicious tart marinade of pure pineapple juice. Herbed charms even the fussiest tastebuds with its refined yet intense balance of flavour.


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