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Kitipup Box | Subscription Box Australia

Show your furry friends just how much you love them with a gift box from Kitipup. Toys, pet products and healthy treats for cats and dogs delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

Here at Kitipup we embrace the kind of over-the-top affection you have for your fur babies, and we want you to treat your pet to treats that taste good and are good for them! Kitipup specialises in gift boxes of healthy, all-natural treats that keep your cats purring and your dogs smacking their lips for more! Delivered straight to your door, there’s no better way to treat your furry friends than with a gift box from Kitipup!

If you are looking for a little something as a once off or you are wanting to become a Kitipup VIP Member to receive regular gift boxes delivered to your door, then scroll no further Kitipup is your answer.

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  1. Brianna Page

    We have just received our 3rd Kitipup box and our pups are loving their monthly treats. Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to treat the pups, but now I know that we have something special coming for them every month.
    Thanks Kitipup for making it so easy to treat our fur babies!

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