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Love Your Box “Winter 2019” Review

Love Your Box Winter 2019


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  • Quality Products
  • New things to try
  • Sexual Exploration
  • Be Yourself

What is this subscription box all about?

A membership for your ‘box’ that’s rated 18+

You’ll get 5-8 products and 3-5 free samples in each seasonal box

What is the price?

$69.95 AUD Per Season

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

2 Skinlite Masques

One in green tea, and one aloe vera.

Rose Quartz Stone

The stone of love and peace, small and pretty

E/N Natural deodorant

natural deodorant is the rage now, this one smells delicious and i cant wait to try it

After Dark Intimate Wipes

2 sachets, i think we can all use these at one time or another, either for clean up or a freshen up

Naked Duo

One condom & one sachet of lubricant

Kiss Nourishing Cotton Mask

Honey coated, 100% cotton mask to keep your skin young and fresh, ive never tried a honey one before

Pink Grapefruit Candle

Loving the design of the candle holder, and the candle smells so damn good!

Fig Tree Co Body Scrub

Made with sugar, salt coconut oil, coffee grounds and peppermint oil, scrubs the dead skin and grime from your body

Horny Goats Tea

From the mad hatter himself! Get your libido going with this loose leaf tea

Kegel Balls Set

Multiple weights, for increasing your pelvic floor muscles, simply insert and the magic happens

Pink Mini Vibrator

water proof with 10 settings, in a cute rabbit ear shape

Eat Me Cookie

No idea who made this cookie, but i felt just like alice taking a bite! The cookie was one of the best ive tasted, wish i knew who made it

Overall thoughts?

This seasons winter subscription from Love Your Box is Alice in wonderland based! Who doesn’t want to disappear down the rabbit hole sometimes! The products were varied and all good quality. This months seems to be more focused on beauty than the usual sexual based items, though there is some of both.

The customer service for this box has really stepped up since the change from a monthly box to a seasonal box, as they have lots of new staff and are really good at getting straight onto any issues with shipping etc.

The value seems pretty good as the kegel balls themselves are almost worth the box price.

I wish there was more Alice in wonderland themed things, like something for the Cheshire cat for example, but its still an amazing box

The cookie and the candle would have to be my fave items this box, I wish there was some info about the products though as id like to buy some more of these delicious cookies!

If your keen to explore your sexuality, or just love beauty you’ll be more than happy with Love Your Box, we cant wait to see what next seasons box will hold!

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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