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Domestic Goddess Review – Aug 2018

Domestic Goddess Aug 2018


Amount Of Items


Range Of Items




Use of Items



  • Ideas about fixing broken items
  • Chocolate


  • Items I already Own
  • Generic Household Items
  • No Excitement Factor

What is this subscription box all about?

The Domestic Goddess Subscription Box is a brand new subscription box service hitting the Australian subscription box market. Keeping the domestic goddess, or chief homemaker of the home, in mind, the Domestic Goddess Subscription Box will help you manage every aspect of your home. Also included will be products exclusively for the the Domestic Goddess to indulge in. With all this free time on your hands from using the products in the subscription box, you’ll now have more time to indulge in you!.

What is the price?

$45.00 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Pocket Sewing Kit

A sewing kit you can keep in your purse for on the go fixing

11 Piece Tool Card

Keep this in your handbag or purse as a handy goto tool for many uses

Soy & Shea Shampoo Disc

Keep this on hand if you ever run out of shampoo, go travelling or camping

Premuim Bamboo Toothpicks

The box comes with a long list of thing you can use basic household toothpicks for

Maybeline Color Show Nail Polish

Long lasting, great colour

Lindt Heavenly Creme Brulee Chocolate

Divine with a little bit of crunch and alot of creaminess

WD-40 Multi-Use Product 150g

If you live in Australia you already know how much we love this stuff

Swisspers Cotton Tips

The box comes with a printed list of ways to use cotton buds

Overall thoughts?

This months theme was make-do & Mend so the idea was to use basic items to make new things or repair old ones.

I really hate to say it, but this box was a bit of a let down. I pictured it being full of cleaning or kitchen products that i could try out, but instead it was packed with things i already owned / use. Cotton tips, WD-40, toothpicks, and sewing supplies are all things I already have in my home, I dont need to buy a subscription box to refill my supplies of these items.

The chocolate was my favourite as it was something I hadnt tried, and It was delicious. The 11 piece tool card may come in handy one day, but its a shame so many of the items were basic household items that i already possessed.

The value added up to $61 so if you needed these items it may be cost effective.

Id like to think that any other month this box might be more usefull and have better products inside. We will have to wait and see if Domestic Bliss wants another review done, and hopefully we can upgrade our ratings for this box

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