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Oyatsu Box

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USD $29.99

Explore Japan. Get amazing Japanese Snacks, Candies, Drinks and Capsule Toys delivered to your door!

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Ships: Monthly
Billed: Monthly
Free Postage: Yes
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Ships From: Japan
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Oyatsu Box | Subscription Box Australia

The Oyatsu Box is a Japanese food box delivered to your door every month with a choice of two delivery slots. A premium monthly snack box shipped direct from Japan and stuffed with Japanese candy. It’s a Japanese candy crate and monthly snack box with some items exclusive to Japan.
We’re a Japanese company, located in Okinawa, Japan and our aim is to get the best Japan snack crate to you every single month!

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Our Review

Oyatsu Box Review – Aug 2017

What is this subscription box all about?

Explore Japan. Get amazing Japanese Snacks, Candies, Drinks and Capsule Toys delivered to your door! Delivered just days after they’re made in Japan! With OyatsuBox, you get full-size snacks, chips, candies, and sweets – each hand-picked by us.

What is the price?

$29.99 USD Monthly, free shipping

What was included?

Ice Ramune Candy

Kind of like mints, very nice though

Butamen Salt Noodles

Like the fantastic noodles we get here, but more flavour, These were bacon and they were delicious

Green Apple Mochi Candy

Soft and chewy apple flavoured candy bites. So yummy and full of apple flavour

Watermelon Seed Candy

Similar to the Nerds candy we have here in Australia, but without the sour taste. Yummy watermelon flavour

Awamokomoko Drink Powder

Cola flavoured fizzing drink powder

Superstar Lemon Gum

Tasty lemon chewing gum with a hard shell coating

Pinegummi Candy

Almost like a set jelly consistency, but full of tantalising pineapple flavour

Hata Spa Ramune Drink

Tastes alot like sprite, but in a much cooler bottle

Coconut Milk Choco corn

I dont even like coconut and these were amazing! Consistency of a burger ring, but with a coconut yogurt flavour, YUM!

Okinawa High Chew Candy

Similar to the Zappos we get here but much softer and jam packed with flavour, these were in my top 3

Gamagori Orange Chew

Same as above, similar to zappos but softer. So strong in flavour, better than zappos!

Gachapon Doraemon Toy

Sportsubu Candy

Sports drink in a candy, wasn’t my fave but they weren’t bad!

Overall thoughts?

OMG! This was by far the best box I have ever tried! SO many amazingly yummy items, and new flavours I’ve never tried! The Japanese are KNOWN to have the the best candy, and this selection didn’t disappoint. Why dont we have this candy in Australia I dont know, because it was fantastic! From chewy to crunchy this candy had it all! Take me to Japan NOW!

Excellently priced for the international market, you cant get these candy’s in Australia so the wow factor alone sets this box apart from others! I was so sad when my Oyatsu box came to an end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

3 reviews for Oyatsu Box

  1. Jacqui

    I love Japanese snacks! This box didnt disappoint

  2. Mary

    Love this box. Really good mix of snacks and candy. Loved the pringles ramen we got recently. Apparently was really hard to get even in Japan but we had it in the box!

  3. Mary

    Love this box. Great selection of candy and snacks. They even had the Pringles ramen in the Jan box….awesome! Couldn’t get that anywhere else.

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